You haven’t seen us, but we’ve seen you.
The stories you’ve heard, you guessed it, they’re true.
On the people we like to pray, you’re ours if you go astray.
Watch your back we haunt to no ends, you’re more likely to survive if you come with friends.
We are the clowns, this is our territory, if you give us some time we’ll share our story.
Laughs and tricks that’s in our past, we’ve redefined having a blast.
Come visit our farm where we haunt and scare, you’ll come out alive but probably be scared.

$25 Entry Fee

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Our Story

Seventy-eight years ago, as legend has it, a traveling circus made its way through Hunterdon County. On a particularly foggy night, a caravan of clowns broke away from the group and ended up lost among fields and Burger farms. Seeing a solitary light in the distance the clowns stumbled upon a desolate farm about a mile off the road. Looking for a safe place to rest their heads for the night, the clowns approached the house. The old farmer Joe bitterly answered the door as the rest of his family lay asleep. Rather than being greeted with a warm act of kindness the farmer chased the clowns off his property screaming and calling them “horrible freaks.” Their fate was decided. After that night, no one has heard from or seen farmer Joe or his family. As a matter of fact, those “horrible freaks” never left his property. Instead, they haunt the farm at night, kidnapping and torturing anyone who wanders off alone. The old circus clowns have a new act they practice when the sun goes down. Their tricks result in scares. They traded laughs for screams. And they won’t stop until they have gotten their vengeance.

Tonight, we invite you to witness the legend of Burger's Farm to see if the fun is all its really cracked up to be.

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$25 Entry FEE
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New Jersey
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